Who is EWTA?

The European Water Treatment Association (EWTA) is a trade association representing European manufacturers, suppliers and other relevant organisations involved with treatment of public or private water supplies in the home or in commercial establishments, at point of entry (POE) to the premises and point of use (POU). The following is a summary description of the Association: full details of its structure and rules are contained in the Articles of Association.


The Board of Directors, responsible for the routine administration of the EWTA, comprises a Chairman and six Directors elected by the Membership. Each director shall represent one of the following industry sectors: water softeners, drinking water filters, physical conditioners, chemical dosing, private water supplies and one director representing the National Association members. Directors serve on a three-year rotational basis.
Individual Task Groups are set up to manage each project and the Groups are led by a Board-appointed Group Leader.

The Board has periodic meetings. In these meetings common views and definition of subjects are made and national implementations of EWTA positions and documents are made.
There is also an exchange of national experiences and studies. This way information and studies can be shared in order to inform our members in a sufficient way. 

List of Directors

Carl Jasper, Chairman: carljasper@ewta.eu

Mickael Talarmain, Director, Water Filters: mickaeltalarmain@ewta.eu